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Parents and Students:

Your school is participating in a special pilot program sponsored by the New York City Department of Education, Brooklyn Public Library, New York Public Library, and Queens Library called MyLibraryNYC.

Your child may already have a public library card, but MyLibraryNYC provides a new card that comes with these additional privileges:

  • No fines on books at BPL & NYPL when students use their Pilot Student Library Cards. However, borrowing privileges may be suspended if items are not returned. Queens Library offers a "Read Away Your Fines" program.
  • Fines attached to any previous library card accounts for the students using the new card will not carry over to the new MyLibraryNYC student library card. Even if a student has had their borrowing privileges blocked previously the new card will allow borrow and use public library materials and resources.
  • Borrow books, eBooks, DVDs and CDs, and access exclusive online resources from more than 200 public libraries throughout New York City.

Children 12 years of age or younger will only be allowed to borrow materials with parent/guardian permission. Permission can be granted via this online application, a paper application or by request to a staff member at any branch.