What's at Stake

Brooklyn Public Library could face a 36% cut to our City funding on June 30, 2013, which represents a nearly 1/3 reduction to our current budget. If the Library closes its doors, you will lose access to FREE:

  • computers and WiFi service;
  • job search assistance;
  • story time activities;
  • technical skill programs;
  • cultural events.

Learn more about the city budget issue by reading the Library's preliminary budget testimony to the City Council.

Writers Speak out

  • Matthew Sharpe

    A recent performance at Brooklyn Public Library was mind-blowing…I felt like I was attending something truly important.

    There's no way the library will be able to bring in vital and inventive programming with such a huge slash in their budget.

    –Matthew Sharpe the author of the novels You Were Wrong, Jamestown, and The Sleeping Father.
  • Jeffrey Yang

    I live in Beacon, New York, and the Brooklyn Public Library is a bright example of what a library anywhere can be, and the long-term influence it can have on people both near and far away.

    –Jeffrey Yang author of Vanishing Line, Birds, Beasts, and Seas: Nature Poems, and An Aquarium: Poems
  • John Wray

    Barely a week goes by when I don't avail myself of the resources of Brooklyn Public Library, including its remarkable cultural programming.

    A healthy and functioning library system is not a luxury to the life of Brooklyn, or any other urban environment, but a necessity.

    Please make clear to Mayor Bloomberg and the other officials involved that our borough's cultural life is not on the bargaining table.

    – John Wray author of the novels Lowboy, The Right Hand of Sleep, and Canaan's Tongue
  • Gary Shteyngart

    Brooklyn Public Library has helped me not be illiterate. It has also arranged readings with wonderful people for me. Cutting the budget of the BPL is not just wrong, it's shameful.

    – Gary Shteyngart author of The Russian Debutante's Handbook, Absurdistan, and Super Sad True Love Story

  • Rick Moody

    I'm helping create a love for Brooklyn Public Library in my three-year-old daughter. Teaching the next generation to love books, literature and art, and teaching them that the riches of literature are always available to them, this is one of the greatest gifts a civilization can pass on.

    – Rick Moody author of The Ice Storm, Garden State, and The Four Fingers of Death
  • Arthur Phillips

    Please contact the Mayor's office and make some noise. The librarians promise not to tell you to be quiet.

    Brooklyn Public Library is one of those institutions that makes a community worth defending, and it is worth paying for.

    BPL adds to the city's cultural life, education, literacy and literary life…it is a crucial part of what makes Brooklyn BROOKLYN.

    – Arthur Phillips author of The Tragedy of Arthur, The Song Is You, and Angelica
  • Myla Goldberg

    My local Brooklyn Public Library branch is as essential to daily life as a grocery store. It's where I go to feed my brain.

    – Myla Goldberg author of Bee Season, and Wickett's Remedy

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