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Information Commons
Events and news on technology and creative workshops and programs
Arts & Culture
BPL's Dweck Center and other free entertainment and cultural programs
BPL General
Selected events, book recommendations and highlights from across the BPL system
BPL Family
Events and recommendations for families and caregivers of babies, children and teens
The Brooklynologist
Updates and special events from the Brooklyn Collection, BPL's archive of Brooklyn history and popular culture
Business & Career Library
Monthly programs and ongoing services for small business, careers and personal finance
Greenpoint Environmental Education Center
Updates about the new Greenpoint Environmental Education Center (GEEC), to be co-located at Greenpoint Library.
Educator e-NewsLetter
Highlights library resources and services to help teachers in the classroom, news and information about professional development workshops, and more
Brooklyn Connections
Receive information about FREE student and educator learning opportunities with Brooklyn Connections, the school outreach arm of the Brooklyn Collection. Brooklyn Connections offers classes rare access to original archival materials while completing a customized, standards-based research project on a theme in Brooklyn history.


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